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Places in Canada with FR

Search and find places in Canada with first letters FR.

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Alphabetical index of places in Canada with FR

There are 117 places in Canada beginning with 'FR' (in alphabetical order).
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Places in Canada with FR
Frains Frains1.Alberta Alberta-
Fralick's Beach Fralick's Beach2.Ontario Ontario-
Framboise Framboise3.Nova Scotia Nova Scotia-
Framboise Intervale Framboise Intervale4.Nova Scotia Nova Scotia-
Framnes Framnes5.Manitoba Manitoba-
Frampton Frampton6.Quebec Quebec-
FrancesLake FrancesLake7.Yukon Yukon-
Franceville Franceville8.Ontario Ontario-
Franchere Franchere9.Alberta Alberta-
Francis Francis10.Saskatchewan Saskatchewan-
Francis Harbour Francis Harbour11.Newfoundland and Labrador Newfoundland and Labrador-
Francoeurville Francoeurville12.Quebec Quebec-
Franey Corner Franey Corner13.Nova Scotia Nova Scotia-
Frankford Frankford14.Ontario Ontario-
Franklin Franklin15.Ontario Ontario-
Franklin Franklin16.Quebec Quebec-
Franklin Beach Franklin Beach17.Ontario Ontario-
Franklin Centre Franklin Centre18.Quebec Quebec-
Franklins Corners Franklins Corners19.Ontario Ontario-
Frankslake Frankslake20.Saskatchewan Saskatchewan-
Frankville Frankville21.Nova Scotia Nova Scotia-
Franquelin Franquelin22.Quebec Quebec-
Franz Franz23.Ontario Ontario-
Fraser Heights Fraser Heights24.British Columbia British Columbia-
Fraser Lake Fraser Lake25.British Columbia British Columbia-
Fraser Mills Fraser Mills26.British Columbia British Columbia-
Fraser Settlement Fraser Settlement27.Nova Scotia Nova Scotia-
Fraserburg Fraserburg28.Ontario Ontario-
Fraserdale Fraserdale29.Ontario Ontario-
Frasers Corners Frasers Corners30.Ontario Ontario-
Frasers Grant Frasers Grant31.Nova Scotia Nova Scotia-
Frasers Mills Frasers Mills32.Nova Scotia Nova Scotia-
Frasers Mountain Frasers Mountain33.Nova Scotia Nova Scotia-
Frasertown Frasertown34.Nova Scotia Nova Scotia-
Fraserville Fraserville35.Nova Scotia Nova Scotia-
Fraserville Fraserville36.Ontario Ontario-
Fraspur Fraspur37.Alberta Alberta-
Frater Frater38.Ontario Ontario-
Fraxa Junction Fraxa Junction39.Ontario Ontario-
Fraxville Fraxville40.Nova Scotia Nova Scotia-
Frayn's Landing Frayn's Landing41.Ontario Ontario-
Frederickhouse Frederickhouse42.Ontario Ontario-
Frederickton Frederickton43.Newfoundland and Labrador Newfoundland and Labrador-
Fredericton Fredericton44.New Brunswick New Brunswick52,337
Fredericton Fredericton45.Prince Edward Island Prince Edward Island-
Fredericton Junction Fredericton Junction46.New Brunswick New Brunswick-
Fredericton Road Fredericton Road47.New Brunswick New Brunswick-
Freedale Freedale48.Manitoba Manitoba-
Freedom Freedom49.Alberta Alberta-
Freeland Freeland50.Ontario Ontario-

1 - 50 of 117 places
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